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Vail Great Danes is a Family Affaire. A mother - daughter team of Dana & Liberte Miller . For generations, we have been passionate Great Dane owners & breeders. Committed to focusing on the breeds temperament, conformation, and health. Our dogs are involved and socialize with our every day life. Great Danes are naturally very social and love to be with their families. We have been active members of the Great Dane Club of Raritan Valley.

It all started with Dana's desire to a own Great Dane from the time her grandfather George Vail Daniel told her of his Great Dane, who saved his life. (See newspaper clippings below) Her first Great Dane was a graduation present and has had them ever since. Her daughter, Liberte, has also shown and trained Danes since she was a child. She has recently discovered the joy of Dog Agility with great danes, and has trained Danes to receive CGC and Therapy Dog certified.  

Vail Danes has taken this as a life commitment to the breed, always learning and improving with new information, as well as shared experiences. 

As Dane Owners we are a special breed too. As there's a lot of time, money, and care involved with ownership. With that, Great Danes are not the perfect dog for every one. If you are interested in this life commitment and in one of our puppies please contact us, also we have our puppy application on our contact us page. As you answer the questions think of what you can offer the puppy, and the lifestyle that is involved. As we strive to pair the best possible match with the puppies personality to the owners. If you chose one of our puppies understand that we know life can change in minute and if you can no longer offer what the dog/puppy needs, we will always take them back no matter how old or young!  

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